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Babolat Pure Aero Rafa Tennis Racket The Babolat Pure Aero Rafa has the exact same cosmetic features as the racket Nadal plays in tournaments. Specializing in spin and power production,...
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Babolat Pure Aero Rafa Tennis Racket

The Babolat Pure Aero Rafa has the exact same cosmetic features as the racket Nadal plays in tournaments.

Specializing in spin and power production, this series was designed to suit Rafael Nadal's playing style. In the 2019 model, Babolat slightly reduced the stiffness of the frame, producing a more controlled and arm-friendly racket. In addition, Cortex places anti-vibration materials in the head section, providing a softer feeling in contact with the ball. Despite these developments, Pure Aero maintains its rigidity, liveliness and strength.

In Pure Aero, where FSI Spin technology is applied, the spin effect is significantly increased by keeping the holes through which the cross wires pass wider. Babolat aimed to double the spin effect by producing some of the grommet holes through which the main strings pass in elliptical shape. The strings can move more inside the ellipse-shaped holes, which increases the snap-back effect of the string and contributes significantly to the spin production of the racquet.

Despite its stringed weight of 320 grams, Pure Aero feels much more stable and solid on the court line compared to its previous version. The additional feeling of weight not only makes the racquet more stable during impact, but also makes it a very effective spin and attack racquet.

Pure Aero makes its authority felt very good on the net. Get ready to hit lively, precise and finishing shots with this racket!
Babolat has made significant changes to the Aero Pro Drive, one of the iconic rackets of tennis. When used correctly, it will appear as the perfect combination of spin and power. Comfort and ease of hitting are among the other important features of this racket.


  • Length:  27inch
  • Head Size:  100inch (645cm²)
  • Weight without string:  290gr
  • Stifness:  73RA
  • String Pattern:  16x19
  • Material:  Graphite


  • Power:  You need power to support your offensive play. We developed a racket to support your speed and spin from day 1 and help you push your opponent behind the baseline. We've re-tuned the latest generation Pure Aero to combine power and massive spin so you can take advantage of any opportunity to hit winners.
  • More Spin:  Whether you are already a heavy spinner or an aggressive player looking for an extra edge, this racket is designed with one purpose in mind, to improve your spin. With it, you will find new incredible angles on the field and visit all areas of the field, definitely tiring your opponent.
  • Feel:  To dominate the game, you also need pure emotion at impact. Getting that extra feel was a major improvement we made with this new Pure Aero. You can now take full control of your ball trajectories and even bring variety to your game as you attack endpoints or the net to deliver a vicious drop shot.


  • Aeromodular 3 Construction:  Aerodynamic frame integrating bumper and grommets increases your racquet head speed and spin production
  • Cortex Pure Feel:  SMACWRAP material that reduces vibrations. Thanks to the graphite material in this material, it reduces the vibration that occurs during contact with the ball and creates a soft feeling.
  • FSI Power:  This string pattern creates power gains by shaping the grommets into a diamond shape
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